At Prism, we aspire to be an Enabler in Your Journey of Achieving Financial Well-Being, Wealth Creation and Securing your Legacy – for yourself and for your future generations.

To Deliver on our Promises and realise our mission of Becoming an Enabler of your Financial Well-Being & Wealth Creation, we operate with below values & execution philosophies:
  • Extreme Emphasis on Research to Serve the Spectrum of Investor Needs & Preferences.
  • Obsession for Client Success & Service Satisfaction.
  • Persistently Upgrading Standards and Creating Ability for us to Exceed Expectations, Capitalize on Apt Opportunities for Wealth Creation.
  • Trust, Transparency, Simplicity.
  • Technology Leverage.
We are constantly striving each day to get better and be as innovative as possible, all to exceed your expectations. 

Prism Tri


In a World of Plenty and not Layman-Friendly or Complex Gamut of Financial Products, Investment Instruments and Concepts, Making Choices need Getting Through the Clutter. 

We strive to make your journey of getting to the right choices, investment products seamless. 

Your Present Quest of Financial Well-Being or Success and the relevant Products and Instruments to Enable that, is profiled to 3 broad Prism Tri objective mappings. 


Meet Needs

You have started your career or work life already and have not Planned for Events going ahead, that needs  Financial Readiness.

Events like: Marriage, Buying your First Home, Adding a Member to your Household, Major Career Moves or Decisions, Having a Dream Vacation, Retirement etc.  

If you are in a stage, where most or all of these need to be addressed, Prism “Meet Needs” is the suggested Simple Lingo to connect us with!

Allow us do what we are best at – researching, analysing, understanding and mapping & coming up with Apt Strategies, Plan and Products, considering every data point of your unique situation and individuality that actually should drive  choices & decisions. 

WhatsApp 99160 19368 with "Meet Needs"

Let’s create More Giggle Moments by Achieving Financial Well-Being-Ness and Financial Freedom.

Go Beyond

You have already almost covered yourself for Fundamentals from a Financial Well-Being-Ness or Preparedness Standpoint e.g. wedding, having children, buying first home, freedom-from-debt, retirement etc.

You are looking next or may like to Look at Opportunities to Create Wealth or Have that any extra money, you get at your disposal often or frequently, Work Better for You. 

And you may even like to see if your existing investments for fundamentals can work smarter for you.

If you are in a state that is resonating with this narrative, look no further but

WhatsApp 99160 19368 with GO BEYOND! 

Challenge us with a good run to Create Yet More Giggles for You and allow us to work together in Designing a more Richer & Fuller Life.

Prism Thrive

You are in a Spree of Wealth Creation,  Seeing your Money Thrive and Work as Hard & Smart as You Did, to Achieve it, if not harder or smarter.

You are open to explore all sorts of Investment Avenues ( conventional, alternative, primary, secondary, one-offs ), Opportunities  and Strategies Sticking to Your Rules of the Game, if you have developed & defined some already.

Are you Game for it? 

We can wear our best hats of understanding, hunting, researching, analysing and recommending! 

And hand hold you in your Journey of Wealth Creation and Suggesting Apt Opportunities & Investment Calls, backed with Dedicated Research & Service.

Start right away with our Free Portfolio Review & Optimisation Service for HNI, UHNI, HNW.. Individuals.

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Want to talk to us about Specific Products, Instruments or Need and not in the Lingo here?

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