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Next What Internet?

We can pattern the evolution of Internet in how it is to us in our lives, as being just INFORMATIVE (about, read, know, contact..) at the advent, next it wore the TRANSACTIONAL fabric (apply, book, buy, pay, submit, transfer..) and then it became SOCIAL, rather Hyper-Social (friends, peers said-liked-bought-recommended-read-watched-shared!).


There is a saying in HINDI “Roti Kapda Aur Makaan” (Food, Clothing and Shelter) as the basic needs of a human for living.

What do we wish after the basics?

Luxury, if we may assume?

Thinking along that line, we must demand Superior EXPERIENCE from online or internet based services before adding other 'may-be-needed, evolutionary' fabrics:

Convenience, Comfort, Simplicity, Availability, Reliability

Relevancy, Personalization

Efficiency, Speed, Faster service turn-around cycles

No Distractions of any form, no un-welcome commerical distractions

Not Confusing and Wasting time, with too many ‘me too’ offerings

Not having to manage tons of Logins/Accounts for different sites/services

Get more done in lesser On-Device Time (blue-ray, ergonomic, other health issues..)

Way less Digital Clutter, Noise

Not having to deal with plethora of uncollaborative Apps-Sites-Products-Applications

Get me right onto what i need and is good for me (even if that may not be good for some businesses), less intermediaries on my way!



Discovering, Embracing new models, paradigms for a better tomorrow..

If we are concerned with the current state of things (societal, environmental, cultural, civilization, government, online world, business models/practices..) and are willing to do something about them, the only solution is to create new foundations/models based on which Things can evolve to the next desired state.

To “Make Things Better for All”, we must have to do more than fighting with existing realities; we must have to FIND new ways and show that the new models work and are better, instead of letting Things get Worse.

We need to build communities that are open to have a Vision for a Different Model (for undesired existing realities..) and work on ways to have those new models planted in the present systems and demonstrate its indeed better and practical, to see a better future.

We should lay a FOUNDATION addressing current flaws and one where future evolutions, value creation and innovations can base on, around Shared Prosperity and Common Good. We can make things better only by introducing a new Model THAT can make people start living in a new paradigm, willingly giving up the current.

A FOUNDATION on which the future of civilization might depend upon!

Lets care, dare and build together new models and ways of doing things, for improving human life inclusively..


How the world looks like for the Digital Human (user) today!

Designing and Offering Digital Services for the KING (the user!), who is Forgotten and Cursed completely by businesses in fulfilling their own agendas in today’s chaotic digital world!

Don't take our words, here are some yellings!

Have we come this far to be in a bad shape all around and feel helpless about our innovations, aspirations and great dedicated work by Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Researchers, Innovators, Academia and so on..?

Are we not becoming more Human, Civic and Developing with time? Should we feel helpless on Humanity or People?

Isn't it a serious problem to be addressed or of great concern to Humanity and to people who can make a difference compared to building the next cool smart phone, vehicle to Mars or the next killer-app, yet be doing business and be in it very much?


Problem with Email, SMS and with today’s Send-Receive solutions!

Email/SMS Obsessed Humanity (Email Obsession Syndrome)!

Finding a Needle in a Haystack (missed paying school fees for my child till the final phone notice to drop her name out)!

No Respite!
Inboxes are like gardens, needs to be constantly maintained; ignore it at your peril!

Undigestable Information Overlaod!

Too many unwanted emails (spam). Demands lot of time & patience to reach to the ones that matter!

Half the story (don’t know if you read, if you did, you could still say: you didn’t)!

Wish Emails/SMSes were smart (categorizing themselves, self-assassinating and so on..)!

Marketers/Senders desire way more Open/Read/Act rates, but are the realities in line with those aspirations!

Are vulnerable (virus carriers)! Prone to kill reputation (black-listing), welcoming condemnation from receivers even when used for a justified need!

Socially Irresponsible (digital footprint)!

80% of them should not be it, in the Corporate World!

Overall, an ever worsening Inbox experience in an 'Everyone Active' World and their collective hyper-producing events, added with the self-agenda of Inbox Providers which are not best aligned with the User’s perspective & preferences!

It apparently has lost its fundamental identity (digital form of a human written message) as 90% are not that and the appreciation it deserves!

Let email/sms be itself, let communiques be more Human and be more Objective when they should be?


The reason of our existence!

In an ever evolving and universally reaching Network of People, Systems & Things, everything including relationships are not merely represented digitally but are almost made to be felt as physical, even the ones that are not in real life!

There are unparalleled, unprecedented and large scale opportunities and problems coming off this evolution.

We are out on a journey with a Quest and Purpose to better shape Humans Digital World with pervasive solutions that would Enrich and Empower life eliminating Complexities, improving Efficiency & Experiences and beyond just Human Life, to Make Earth overall a much better Place.

We distinguish ourselves as a ‘New Age Socially Responsible Venture’ of the present decade that is born with this sole purpose.

We believe the very reason we should exist is for better shaping the Digital World & Societies for INCLUSIVE Good and are truly committed to be ‘Beyond Business’ by Choice and Purpose, that of course, should only be self-demonstrating as we take our stride of actions.

Join us in the journey of Improving Things..

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