Business Software & Solutions, Software Products, Universal Platforms

Talent & Work Management

Find & Reach relevant profiles.

Reduced hiring cycle, Recruitment Automation.

Talent Capital Management.

Perforamance Management.

Work Collaboration & Management.

Marketing, Communications

Audience Intelligence, Segmentaion.

Design Communiques, Creatives.

Run Campaigns, A/B Test, Improved ROI.

Response, Sentiment Analytics.

Improve Audience Reach, Offering Awareness.

Deals, Promos

Customer Profiling.

Personalized, Segmented Offers-Deals.

Delivery - to target audience.

Conversion and Effectiveness Analytics.

Brand Visibility, Engagement

Be found in Product/Service Searches.

Post updates, events and brand showcase in Digital Media.

Leads Inflow.

Service support, up/cross-selling.

Insights, Intelligence, Inferencing

Pay Trends, Salary Recommendations.

Customer Behaviour Analytics.

Customer Sataisfaction Intelligence.

Product/Service Market Sentiment Insights.

Ecosystem, Competition Insights.

MSME Business Software Suite

Micro-vertical specific.

Needing zero Customization Cost.

Hosted Business Application Suite.

Made for running Business in the cloud era.

Committed to empower MSMEs.

Developer Products & Platforms

Managed Service Registry & Service Hosting

Service Location, Discovery.

Service Health & Monitoring, Virtualization.

Host your Dev/Test Enviroment Services.

Elastic Scalability.

Security, Business Rules Testing in Dev/QA Phase.

Aak Directory

People & Org Directory.

Read, Modify Record.

Data Visibility, Control, Protection Switches.

Internet Scale, Secure, Official, Compliant.

Governed & Complying access to Universal Data.

Data Services based Developer Platform

Build Consumer & Business Applications.

Leverage Universal Data Lakes & APIs.

No Infrastructure worries.

Internet Scale Reach in seconds with your Application.

Upto 80% reduction in failure rates, cost, resource challenges.

Aak Unilog
Universal Event Log & Analytics

Hyperlog* Events, even since MVP days.

Drive Insights of your interest.

No Early Investment & Bandwidth Worries.

Seamlessly maintain a Big Data Goldmine as you go.

Consolidate & Aggregrate Historical Data with Custom Rules.

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