Fresh Engineering Graduates Employability Programs

Usha Muneega

Apprentice, 2012

Work on Internet Scale Applications

Choice of Technology, Domain

    Java, NodeJs, NoSql, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack..

Work with an Apple Laptop

Focus on understanding
     Not on Knowing/Knowledge!

Put your career on a high orbit

You develop Soft-skills too!

Fun, Flexible Culture

An experience that is honored!

Become a much better you!



We run & burn the extra miles to help fresh engineering graduates who fight for a career break in Software Development, through our Apprenticeship-to-Employment Program.

Hundreds of Graduates lacking employability (moderately to severely) have successfully secured a career in 2 to 12 months, under this Beyond Business (we stand for un-employability in nations) initiative.

As candidates learn and pick up some skills, they look for apparantly better opportunities and eventually succeed in their endeavors (we feel happy to be able to make a difference) and much before we find or make them fit for us.

The initiative thus, has not paid or does not pay us back, in the short-term or in commercial terms so far - yet we feel content to be able to make a difference and have sustained ourselves despite the costs, bandwidth that gets burnt in the initiative.

We welcome you to leverage this initiative if it can be helpful in your endeavor of launching a career in Software Development field.



Under this Employment Program (for unemployable aspirants), the candidate has to put in Stake and Committment for a year of engagement with the company.

This lets us plan and execute better the purpose which is that of radically improving the candidate for long-term employability and career success, by focusing equally if not more on soft-skills, strong work-ethics, problem-solving, critical & creative thinking, imagination and so on, as on hard or technical skills.

As a joinee under this program, we craft a custom learning, work and development plan and allocate necessary resources & budget upfront e.g. our joining kit consisting of an Apple Laptop, Annual Email & Collaboration Software Accounts, few Employees who would be (assigned to be) responsible to assist, guide the fresher joinee in several areas etc.



We extend Internship Opportunities to candidates seeking for the same and to Institutes that formally need their students undertake industrial experience as part of successfully completing their courses.

We have candidates interning with us from all tiers of educational institutions including premeier ones like IIMs/IITs of the world.

We welcome Academia and People directly to explore internship engagements with us in various functions e.g. Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, HR, Entrepreneurship and so on, beyond just software or technology.

You may reach us through email at