Together we can Make Things Better by making better things.

Background of our Vision

Societies across borders and continents on large scale are (and becoming) part of an “Internet Civilization” and that in turn, is leading to formation of new Communities and Commerce transcending physical boundaries and driving the future courses of Economic Systems and Global Development!

The World and Social Scene could still be a zero sum game in the way of an ever dreamt egalitarian society or acceptable levels of social stratification.

Internet brings unprecedented level of access to up-to-date information & empowering tools and is the basic foundation for enabling Technology Leverage to drive Growth.

Never in the history of human Evolution, had men such a world reaching and impacting technology phenomenon that could be innovatively leveraged to highly step up Societal Development and more inclusively so, than was ever possible!

At the same time, the very evolution and development of the Internet (based Systems, Solutions & Tools) itself, has been inherently non-collaborative, from a holistic standpoint and is ever getting driven, largely by hyper-diverse agendas and interests, resulting in innovations and models, that on most occasions, worsens the overall state of things and certainly from a Common Good standpoint!

Vision, Purpose

SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CAN BE ACCELERATED BY A MAGNITUDE IF THE AGENTS THAT DRIVE IT (such as Entrepreneurship and its Fosterers, Research & Educational Institutions, Enterprises, Industry-Readying Programs, Supply Chains, Non-Profits, Regulators and Policy Makers) ARE LINKED TO OPERATE MORE EFFECTIVELY & COLLABORATE TOWARDS SHARED PROSPERITY.


Culture, Philosophies, Values

  • Purpose Driven.
  • Long Term orientation.
  • 'Users, Customers Perspective First!' - rest can be traded off including Revenue!
  • 'Build Stuff with Shared Prosperity in mind!' - never only with Self-Pursuit!
  • Obssesively try incorporating "Best of both/all worlds".
  • Always care to grab the complete or bigger picture before taking decisions, actions.
  • Ask, Listen, Analyze (Holistic) and Act on Feedbacks.
  • Ignore Users/Customers/Worlds Feedback, Criticism, Take at times when your Inner Voice says something else.
  • Dare to stand against the world alone if you are so Convicted and Inner-you and Circumstances have a plan against that world.
  • Take risks frequently and incrementally - as long as we can afford the Worst Outcome, define That beforehand.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
  • Always Plan, Strategize before getting into action. Be responsive as events unfold and Pivot, Pivot, Pivot accordingly - your GOAL is always your compass, guide, both in known and new terrains!
  • Follow rules, methods, standards, processes only to deliver the minimum and be surviving. Above that go beyond (if needed) rules, policies, protocols, ranks for the true objective and highest effectiveness & gain.
  • Do not forget to give yourself some fun every often whatsoever.
  • Quality is a default and implicit requirement of every assignment - Define Quality Goals/Attributes in non-abstract way(s) for every case/assignment.
  • Enjoy what you do, if you don't, Ask/Find something that you would - make sure you already had done stuff that was not so likable for a reasonable period because our mission needed so, before that.
  • Have fun, Have fun, Have fun.
  • Do not work only to please stakeholder(s) interest; Escalate and Reach Out to the whole organization if you sense those interests are not best aligned with the company's interest and values.
  • Respect everyone as a human irrespetive of Talent, Ranks, Apparant Importance, Glamour etc.
  • Be less forgiving (provide honest feedback, positive criticism in an effective way) to in-competents and Mistake Repeaters post feedback and Prescribing Preventive Methods.
  • Be less tolerant to non-sense.
  • Try to be helpful to everyone in creative ways not compromising organization's best interest and values.
  • Do not forget to laugh whatsoever. Dig things often to laugh at yourself too!
  • Be light and carry yourself light whatsoever! Life won't cease now or today!
  • Integrity & Transperancy.
  • Integrity & Transperancy!
  • Integrity & Transperancy!!

Why we choose to exist?

In an ever evolving and universally reaching Network of People, Systems & Things, everything including relationships are not merely represented digitally but are almost made to be felt as physical, even the ones that are not in real life! There are unparalleled, unprecedented and large scale opportunities and problems coming off this evolution.

We are out on a journey with a Quest and Purpose to better shape Humans Digital World with pervasive solutions that would Enrich and Empower life eliminating Complexities, improving Efficiency & Experiences and beyond just Human Life, to Make Earth overall a much better Place.

We distinguish ourselves as a ‘New Age Socially Responsible Venture’ of the present decade that is born with this sole purpose.

We believe the very reason we should exist is for better shaping the Digital World & Societies for INCLUSIVE Good and are truly committed to be ‘Beyond Business’ by Choice and Purpose, that of course, should only be self-demonstrating as we take our stride of actions.

Join us in the journey of Improving Things..

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